Short Betweens

Butterscotch pools

Steadily she felt a drumming heart. It was her everything. Awakened by light, blind at first coming. Wanted and warm. Sworn without swoon and worn without bloom. What a childhood became was gained courage. Her books were magical, they helped her travel the world. Every once in a while, feeling shook, she looked around to feel again: steady. The magical pools of her mother’s guides, brought her back, without word or disguise. It just took one dive into butterscotch eyes.


There were no other purple students gathered in the fresh air. She sat alone and stared as she felt all to aware of her crunchy peanut butter sandwich. No one cared. They didn’t have crunchy culture here. What others were among the air? Were there more purples out there? She scanned and thought she saw a purple hue! But now it’s green…blue…what color are you? The colors of that one seemed to change, proximity guided her spectrum on the color wheel. She could feel the panic there. She wished she could help, but she knows now that it is best to just be the best purple she can be. She is much more free, as are others who search and find. Eventually there will be more who gather. Purple colors shower the world, they don’t know that here, but they will. With each new day and one bite of her crunchy peanut butter sandwich at a time, there is presence of purple; a safe refuge and strength for confused hues to embrace a resting place, for their purple too.